Monday, 31 March 2014


I have been too quick in posting. :p
But I wanted to show you one of my favorite manicure type- OMBRE!

I did the ombre using light pink and lavender polishes.

Sorry for the picture quality. :(   I'll try to improve it. :)

I like doing ombre nails. You will find more ombre nails in fun color combinations in my later posts.

I hope it was not boring. 
Thanks for visiting!!!

                                           PS: Who is this on the curtain under the pelmet???

Please do comment.
See you soon................


I am Valesa.

This is the first time I am blogging. :)

Nail art is my passion and I would like to share what I know about nails and nail art with you. I like doing nail art and believe that there is no need of a particular reason or season for nail art. I also think that nail art is a vast area where you can show off your creativity and originality. :))

So now about my blog, I will try to post regularly on my blog,.

Along with my nail designs, I will post some tutorials and some fun D.I.Y.s. :)

I will try my best not to make it please stay with me. *v*

So, Have fun and bye for now............